Sugar what?

Do you have a cup of sugar? is what you used to ask your neighbour across the street when you were baking a cake and were once again missing an ingredient. Today, neighbourly help is no longer so easy - especially in the city, people hardly know their neighbours any more, let alone exchange information or even support each other.

There are used bookshelves, televisions or sofas on the street, all still intact and certainly pleasing to others than the rubbish man. Only: the neighbour next door doesn't know that I no longer need my bedside lamp, the neighbour across the street doesn't know that I could help him with his shopping.

Reason enough to found Sugar Cup. A platform where the neighbourhood connects. Welcome to your digital neighbourhood. Welcome to Sugar Cup.

I am Martha, Mexican and have lived in Switzerland since 2012. The idea of Sugar Cup was born in 2021 out of the motivation to give away my children's things.

Things that I no longer needed, but wanted to give away to someone who lives near me, so that I could also meet someone new in my neighbourhood.

But how do I know who needs my things nearby? The idea of an online platform where you can swap with your neighbours was born. The name Sugar Cup comes from the Mexican idea of going to your neighbour's house and asking for sugar when you run out at home.

It is a metaphor for asking your neighbours and helping them when needed.

I'm Roy, born and raised in Zurich. I'm always interested in new ideas, especially when it comes to realising them. When Martha told me about Sugar Cup, it was clear to me - that's exactly the kind of thing I want to help create. I spent several nights (and weekends) developing the technical concept and finally implemented the platform. It makes me happy every day to see how actively the platform is used - the biggest reward for all the sleep deprivation.

Ich bin Roy, in Zürich geboren und aufgewachsen. Ich interessiere mich immer für neue Ideen, vor allem wenn es um das Realisieren deren geht. Also Martha mir von Sugar Cup erzählte, war es für mich klar – genau so etwas möchte ich mitgestalten. Mehrere Nächtelang (und Wochenende) entwickelte ich das technische Konzept und setzte schlussendlich die Plattform um. Es freut mich jeden Tag zu sehen, wie aktiv die Plattform verwendet wird – die grösste Belohnung für all den Schlafmangel