The basic idea of Sugar Cup is that neighbor:ins can network with each other with the intention:

  • To sell items that are no longer needed or to inquire about them
  • Borrow items or ask for something to borrow
  • Offer support and ask for it
  • Publish events
  • Sharing news in the environment with neighbors

Participation for neighbors is free of charge.

Frequently asked questions

What is the digital neighborhood for?

  • The digital neighborhood is there for private buying and selling, as well as requests and swap offers, but also to share events and news.
  • If you run a neighborhood-based business, or are a non-profit organization or association, you must create an appropriate "local acteurs" profile

What can I do on Sugar Cup?

You can invite to neighborhood events, sell, ask for or borrow things, offer or ask for support, share and network with your neighborhood.

Is the use of Sugar Cup free of charge?

Yes. The use of the platform is and remains free of charge for private individuals. The basic version is also free for local players

Was darf als Privatperson nicht verkauft werden?

  • Concrete commercial offers such as real estate or insurance (there must be no intention to make a profit). Likewise, the regular sale of new goods is prohibited, if the impression is confirmed that a private person is engaged in a profit-oriented trade. In this case, it is mandatory to use a user account as a "local acteur".
  • Offers on behalf of a company
  • Drugs
  • Sex
  • Cigarettes/tobacco products
  • Alcohol

How is Sugar Cup different from Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups or mailing lists?

Sugar Cup is a closed network. Participation is only possible via registration. In addition, third parties from the outside cannot take a look at your neighborhood. It is completely reserved for the neighbors. Thus, a trustful exchange among neighbors can take place. At the same time, the functions of Sugar Cup are different from Facebook or WhatsApp groups. They are 100% tailored to exchanging information with your neighbors. Likewise, in the default setting, you only see ads and posts within a radius of about 1,000 meters - exactly the radius that you would otherwise have with neighbors.

Where is Sugar Cup available?

Sugar Cup is an open and free platform. Anyone can therefore register on the platform and start their own digital neighborhood. It is important that enough people in one's own environment are also involved - so feel free to advertise in your own circle of acquaintances.

Who is Sugar Cup for?

For all private individuals who

  • are at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity or are at least 13 years old and register only with the consent of a legal guardian and legal representative
  • have a current registration address in Switzerland and a mailbox with their name on it
  • Have a desire for neighborly exchange

Local stakeholders such as organizations, businesses, associations please look at the "Local Acteurs" page at the top of the menu for more information.

How do I respond to an entry?

At the bottom of each entry you can mark the entry as "like" with one click. Or write a comment directly (in the input field below) or click on the button "Comment" to get more comments displayed. Or of course write a personal message to the author of the entry.

How is Sugar Cup financed?

Sugar Cup is operated by 2get-there GmbH, based in Zurich. We are an organization that wants to provide a sustainable impact for others, which means: With our neighborhood platform we want to achieve a positive social impact and at the same time operate sustainably. 

Sugar Cup is free of charge for private individuals.

We intend to keep it that way in the future. Donations are gladly accepted to finance the maintenance of the platform. At the same time, in order to be able to offer Sugar Cup in the long term, we have to find ways and means to cover our costs from our own resources.

How do I contact a neighbor directly?

Are you interested in an entry and want to know more about it? For each entry you have the possibility to write a direct message to the author of the entry. So you can talk 1:1 with the neighbor. You just have to click on "message" at the end of the entry and the personal message window will open.

How does the digital neighborhood work?

If you want to sell, trade/give away or publicize an event, share news or network, you can let off steam here.Under Marketplace you can write your own entry, browse through publications and contact neighbor:ing who have published something.

What is Sugar Cup?

Sugar Cup is a free and local platform for exchange with your neighbors and local actors. Here you can get to know your neighbors and together with them shape your neighborhood and make it alive. Use the internet and meet your neighbors in real life!

How do I create a new entry?

Click on "new post" to create your entry. You can now add a picture, a title and description, as well as select the appropriate category (event, marketplace, lending, news). The title, the description and the category are mandatory, everything else is optional.

If you want to sell something, then write your price in the description. The sale will then take place outside the platform.