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What does Sugar Cup offer you and your neighbors?



Mutual support in all matters of everyday life and beyond



Exchange with neighbors, local businesses, associations and community initiatives - all in your neighborhood.



Local marketplace within short distances for selling, renting or exchanging all kinds of things

"What is Sugar Cup?"

Ringing your neighbors' doorbells when you need a little sugar: Martha and Roy turned this idea into "Sugar Cup", an online platform that connects people in the neighborhood to swap and share things, point out offers in the vicinity, pass on ideas...

Sugar Cup is a social non-profit initiative founded by neighbors.

Sugar Cup aims to promote connection, interaction and solidarity between neighbors. At the same time, it aims to provide an opportunity for all local actors to integrate into the neighborhoods and neighborhoods. True to the motto: Together we are strong.

In contrast to other social platforms, on Sugar Cup you only receive messages from neighbors who live in your own neighborhood (approx. 1 km). This is intended to promote interaction in a trusting environment.

These are our great Sugar Cup Ambassadors!

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Sugar Cup Ambassador Foto


Sugar Cup Ambassador Foto


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Actively help to make Sugar Cup known in your neighborhood!

t is a matter of the heart for us that the initiative is alive and that many users are actively involved, so that we can make our neighborhoods more social and sustainable.

Help us to make Sugar Cup known in your neighborhood and circle of friends - because the more members, the more neighborhood.

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Your words motivate us!

"Love to all Sugarcupers :-)"

A. from Zürich

Sugar Cup gives me the platform to connect with my neighbors on all topics.

R. from Zürich

Find it great how Sugar Cup can be used to maintain digital and real contacts in the neighborhood.

M. from Zürich

Thanks for the support!